When a state has strong unions, everybody benefits

Unions matter! Oregon is at its best when we have strong unions.

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middle_class_unions_3If your workplace has a union, you’d be right to expect pay and benefits better than what you’d receive at a non-union workplace. What you might be surprised to learn is that just by living in a state with strong unions, you’ll also get better pay and benefits — even if your workplace doesn’t have a union. Research shows that when a state has strong unions, the standard of living is raised for everyone. And those improved standards aren’t just limited to benefits or work schedules: States with strong unions also have safer workplaces, stronger worker protection laws, and a stronger middle class.In short, pro-worker states have better economies than anti-worker states.

Corporate CEOs and billionaire donors know this. Across the nation, proponents of anti-worker policies — like the Koch brothers — are attacking workers’ ability to come together and form a union. These anti-worker attacks are coordinated and shortsighted efforts to boost corporate profits at the expense of the middle class. While these efforts claim to just target unions, corporate CEOs know that weaker unions mean lower pay and reduced benefits for workers across the board— and that means CEOs and shareholders take home more.

We’ve witnessed attacks on working people play out across the country for decades. Now, billionaire funders like the Koch brothers are bringing their anti-union campaign to Oregon. If these CEOs have their way, Oregon workers will see lower wages and reduced benefits; our workplaces will be more dangerous; there will be less money circulating in our economy; and worst of all, there will be more power in the hands of those who are already at the top.

If we want to fight back against shortsighted approaches to boost profits at the expense of our well-being, we need to stand up for the unions that stand up for our workers. Unions are key to ensuring the middle class is strong — and we know that Oregon’s unions are what will help keep our state great.

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