What does Loren Parks have in store for 2016?

Loren Parks is back and he's serious about making Oregon a GOP stronghold. Find out the latest on his plan for Oregon.

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It’s easy to write off Nevada Millionaire Loren Parks as your run-of-the-mill crackpot charlatan. Afterall, he’s an amateur “sex hypnotherapist.” He believes that survivors of sexual assault get status and satisfaction from telling their stories. He’s a self-described “dirty old man.” He claims he can cure cancer with water, sea salt and baking soda.

But sadly, he’s also the top individual political donor in Oregon’s history, and he’s spent his millions on some of the most hateful and destructive ballot measure campaigns in the last 25 years. He’s gone after immigrants, women, the LGBT community, working families and seemingly everyone else in between. For years, Parks’ proxy was Bill Sizemore, but when Sizemore went to jail, so did the Parks agenda. Now, Parks is back with a new team of Sizemore-ites — and a slew of new initiatives for 2016.

This year, Parks is taking aim at the pillars of Oregon’s values with new attacks on immigrants, democracy and unions. If any of these measures pass, it would be much harder for average Oregonians to have their voice heard; to have a good job; or to receive fair pay for their work.

Today, we’re focused on one of Parks’ biggest priorities: IP 62. This initiative, if passed, would make it much, much harder for working people to advocate for themselves in the workplace — meaning it’ll be harder to fight for better wages, benefits, or workplace safety.

Make no mistake: While Parks has failed regularly in his attempts to attack Oregon workers (in 2008, he improperly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars from a private, tax-exempt foundation to fund Bill Sizemore’s anti-worker initiatives, and in 2013, he helped fund Jill Gibson’s anti-worker initiatives), his pockets are deep enough — and he just might be crazy enough — to keep emptying them in attempts to make it harder for Oregonians to make ends meet. Remember, the special interest coalition coordinating attacks on Oregon just keeps growing — and Parks is just another million-dollar cog in the wheel that is the national threat to working families.

It’s also worth noting that in addition to the IP 62 assault, Parks seems unusually willing to spend big money to undermine democracy. He’s behind more than a dozen initiatives, including two ballot measures that would hamstring our state’s democracy, limiting the amount of information voters can receive about elections and limiting the Legislature’s ability to respond to emergencies. In a sign of things to come, Parks-associated groups have already dumped more than $300,000 into those two initiatives alone.

We can’t let him get away with this. There’s too much on the line to let out-of-state millionaires like Loren Parks drown out the voices of everyday Oregonians in a flood of money. That’s why it’s so important that you make your voice heard. Take the pledge to stand up against out-of-state millionaires like Parks — we can’t do it alone.