Loren Parks: He’s back.

Halloween may be over, but the return of Oregon's biggest political donor means the frights just keep on coming.

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He’s ba-ack! That’s right, Nevada millionaire and “sex hypnotherapist” Loren Parks is back in action, taking another swing at Oregon workers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Parks, a quick Google search will help you out. (Be warned: It’s… not necessarily suitable for work.)  Here’s some safe background on him:

Loren Parks is the largest political contributor in Oregon history.

He’s a businessman who made his fortune selling medical equipment. According to Wikipedia, his Oregon-based business “sells a number of instruments, including a plethysmograph, which measures the blood flow to sexual organs and is used in treating sexual dysfunction and assessing the arousal of sex offenders.”

He runs a website and YouTube channel dedicated to treating emotional and physical issues — like cancer! and sexual disfunction! — via hypnotherapy, and he’s known for making ridiculous proclamations, like how women grow fat so they won’t be tempted to cheat on their husbands.

Hypnotherapy and faith healing aside, Parks is a wealthy man who makes no secret of his attempts to shape Oregon politics. He’s funneled millions of dollars into initiatives in the past decade and a half, primarily through Bill Sizemore and Kevin Mannix, most of which would have slashed taxes for the rich and cut funds from schools and basic services. Simply put, he’s the largest political donor in the history of Oregon politics, and he’s spent a lot of money trying to hurt working families, attack immigrants and silence everyday Oregonians.

Some of his greatest hits:

This time around, he’s funding a new ballot measure, IP 62, just one of the latest anti-worker attacks to come to Oregon. This initiative, like the others filed before it and a few filed after it, aims to dismantle Oregon’s unions and weaken workers’ voices. The intent is the same as all those old Bill Sizemore measures, as well as a handful of measures filed by the state’s largest timber industries. Parks’ goal? To make it harder for working people to form unions that would allow them to fight for better wages, benefits and workplace safety.

Loren Parks is back. We know what his priorities are, and we know his pockets go deep enough to fund an all-out attack. He didn’t succeed in his previous attacks on workers, and if we stand together, we’ll make sure he doesn’t succeed this time around.