Friedrichs is over for now, but the fight continues

The latest anti-worker attack may have just been put to rest for now, but there are more coming.

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Wealthy, special interests know that when people come together in unions, we make major gains for all working people — like increases in the minimum wage, paid sick days, and investments in public education and public safety. But victories for working families interfere with the extreme agenda of millionaires and billionaires like the Koch brothers.

That’s why big corporations and the wealthy are pushing ballot measures and lawsuits to make it harder for people to join together and fight for policies that improve the lives of workers and our communities. They know that when we stand together, we win — and that’s not good for their bottom lines.

We applaud the Supreme Court’s decision, but we know that it won’t stop the anti-worker agenda in Oregon.

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court handed these special interests a major setback as an equally divided Court affirmed a lower court decision to protect workers’ rights in Friedrichs vs. the California Teachers Association.

While we applaud the Supreme Court’s decision, we know that it won’t stop the anti-worker agenda.

The same special interests who failed today in the Courts are continuing their multi-front battle against working families all across the country, and their efforts in Oregon are no different.

Already, more than seven different anti-worker initiatives have been filed for Oregon’s November 2016 election — all in an attempt to roll back the success we’ve shared in increasing pay and benefits for working families.

People across the state are standing up in numbers we haven’t seen in decades, so they can improve their lives and their communities — and no court case or ballot measure will stop this movement. The fight for better wages, better benefits and safer working conditions for Oregon’s working families will continue — so stand with us, so that we can share in victory together.