As corporate profits soar and wages, hours and benefits are cut, unions are fighting to improve workplace policies and protect middle class families. And because we’re winning victories like unprecedented minimum wage increases, paid sick days and retirement security for all Oregonians, corporate interests and the wealthiest individuals are striking back with coordinated attacks against workers.

These attacks are largely coming from wealthy, out-of-state interests— like Loren Parks and the Koch brothers — and are attempts to keep profits high while undermining the middle class.

Two separate but equally destructive anti-worker initiatives have been filed in Oregon and are making their way to the November 2016 ballot. But don’t think this is just a repeat of previous election cycles: The stakes this year are higher than ever. As their strategy of busting unions through the courts has slowed, anti-worker forces have taken aim at the state level. Already they have begun funneling large sums of money into Oregon, and they have publicly stated their intention to “redouble efforts toward” striking a blow against Oregon’s workers.

If passed, either measure would weaken workers’ voices, making it harder for Oregonians to have access to good jobs, safe working conditions and fair pay.

If we want to defend working families and keep winning victories for everyday Oregonians, we need to stand together against corporate interests and the wealthy. We’ll need your help to win, so please join us in the fight and take the pledge to defend against anti-worker attacks in Oregon.